Friday, November 7, 2008

A True International Airport!

I know this not my usual realm, but it is transportation related, and it's good news!

It's been hard to come by some positive news about Pittsburgh International. How many stories have been published over the last 4 years about endless cuts in flights? It almost seems as if the airport has been dying a very slow, very agonizing death.

So naturally, it is good news to hear that Pittsburgh will truly become an international airport again, with 5 weekly flights to and from Paris, France. Apparently not all will originate in Pittsburgh, but it's good news that you can fly direct, without flying to another airline's hub, and then boarding an international flight.

I think what makes it even more exciting is that this service is occurring in the face of economic trouble and major problems in the airline industry. It's a clear sign that there must be a healthy market for international travel in Pittsburgh. (Apparently the $9 million the state and county agreed to kick in as an insurance policy in case the flights don't make money didn't hurt).

Either way, it's reason to celebrate, and who knows, at the risk of sounding optimistic, this could spur further carriers to have international flights from Pittsburgh, and perhaps help draw international companies to the area.

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