Wednesday, September 23, 2009

G 20 Journal

The nice thing about having my own blog is I can plug other blogs that are mine.  Living near a pretty large number of protests is going to be interesting, and the history major in me wants to record it.  If anyone is particularly interested, check out my daily journal-blog about the G20.  In all honesty, I hope it's boring, but we'll see. 

G20 in the East End

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I can completely understand you being restless in expectations of what might happen during the convention. I would personally also be bothered with the thought, that there is a potential danger in my town of the property being destroyed or even people being harmed. On one hand it's a fact, what is said in the petition - that this happening might draw more international attention to Pittsburgh, on the other hand it is really rather small city for a convention like this. I just hope everything went well and you can give a rest to your feelings of uneasiness. Julie