Thursday, June 25, 2009

LRT Plan

I found a cool link to another proposed LRT system by way of some comments over at Null Space. Check it out here.

It looks pretty comprehensive and pretty aggressive utilizing at least some, if not all new rights of way which would require the land to be acquired, graded and tracks laid. Additionally, it's not stated by the map's creator, but I am assuming some of the tracks would be underground (i.e. through the South Side and through the Hill District, Oakland, and Squirrel Hill).

It's expensive and unlikely, but boy would I love to have an LRT system like that!


Paz said...

Looks almost exactly like the Skybus.

Nothing's new under the sun.

East Busway Blogger said...

Is this comment tag?

Yea, too much capital investment, not enough use of existing infrastructure.

Still would like to have it as a system though :-)