Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Idea for Heavy Rail in the East End Part 6

I wanted this to be the last post, but I have more unfinished business. There are some important operational issues to discuss that will take another post. For now, I've completed the Schedule for the Black Line or Greensburg Line.

This line operates on the same principal as the Blue and Gold Lines. There are no trains operating opposite of the peak direction, i.e. all morning trains are inbound trains and all evening trains are outbound trains.

There are eight trains per rush hour with two trains per hour, departing 15 minutes apart. I staggered starting locations for each train. Four trains will depart and/or terminate in Greensburg, and four trains will depart and/or terminate in Pitcairn due to infrastructure reasons. West of Pitcairn, under the operational plan I proposed, this service would have nearly exclusive use of both tracks. East of Pitcairn, however, the proposed service would be sharing right of way with Norfolk Southern. Additionally, I don't know how much demand for service would come from east of Pitcairn. If adding Greensburg as a stop for the other four trains was feasible and worth while, it could be done pretty easily.

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