Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Idea for Heavy Rail Service in the East End Part 5

After a short (OK, long) hiatus, I am continuing my series on heavy rail in the east end. Last time I talked about Peduto's Shuttle, and now I'll discuss operations on the Arnold line (Blue and Gold Lines). (So basically, I will end up doing another post to finish it off later for the Black Line, or Greensburg Line)


I toyed around with having bi-directional trains during morning and evening rush hours, but the fact that the entire line is single track, and I just don't know if there is enough demand to warrant the extra infrastructure that would be required to make such operations possible.

Instead I designed operations to have inbound trains for the morning rush, and outbound trains for the evening rush. 8 trains will depart in each direction. Four will operate as the Gold Line between Arnold and Downtown Pittsburgh, and the other four will operate as the Blue Line between Arnold and Hazelwood.

See the reasoning and actual schedules below:

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